Traces seeks to stimulate the viewer with sculptures that challenge one’s concept of gravity and mass. Highlighting a divergence amongst mineral and synthetic materials and the natural and built environments, while opposing the matter they are built from, and the environment they are placed in. The sculptures reference and suggest naturally occurring geological phenomena such as sea stacks, inviting the viewer to question their existence, mass and impression.

Impression 1 is the first progression of  Traces - an aluminium casting of the styrofoam work.

Traces - an installation for Nightlight (Junction Arts Festival 2017) As part of Nightlight, I was invited by creative Director Greg Clark to exhibit an installation of my work at St. Johns Church. The project gave me an opportunity to consider lighting the work.

Photos - Jacob Collings.

Traces exhibited at Sawtooth ARI in October 2016.

Photos - Mel De Ruyter.